Falling for Elizabeth Bennet - 2nd Edition (2022)

A young lady, socially excluded with a secret.

A young, eligible, socially awkward, bachelor.

What happens when their worlds collide and the young man learns her secret?

Can Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy overcome social bias and familial pressure to find true love?

True Love Never Fails... (2019)

A Pride & Prejudice variation "What if".  What if the Bennet family were not poor? What if Mr. Darcy was not arrogant and prideful?  Check out this unique twist on a classic tale.  Warning - cliffhanger!








Mr. Darcy's Christmas Surprise (2019)


A young man in mourning and a young lady who wants to cheer him with the help of friends and a puppy.


A Pride & Prejudice reimagining with a unique twist.  Elizabeth Bennet has a medical condition.  Will this stop Mr. Darcy or will he change her world forever?


Winner of the Jane Austen Book Award.











True Love Conquers All (2020)


The conclusion to True Love Never Fails...., it picks up just hours after the shocking ending to book one.


Journey with The Bennets, Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley as they help Mary Bennet find her happily ever after with Colonel Fitzwilliam.